For big-hearted, giving (exhausted and overcommitted) women
 free download: The people-pleaser's guide to freedom
Discover the Truths to Empower You 
to Finally Stop People-Pleasing and 
Reclaim Your FREEDOM! 
  • The not-so-obvious signs your giving has gone too far
  • Why people-pleasing eventually backfires
  • ​The "Sneaky Selfishness" that lies beneath your niceness 
  • How to express your truth without feeling guilty or selfish
  • ​The ONE bold step to unveil your true self, without ruining your relationships!
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What you'll learn with this free guide:
  • How to know if your giving is out of control
  • The 3 Essential Truths about your people-pleasing that will empower you to reclaim your life and freedom!
  • Why people-pleasing eventually backfires
  • The "Sneaky Selfishness" that lies beneath your niceness
  • The ONE bold step to take to unveil your true self, without ruining your relationships!
About The Author
Sherri Starr
Sherri is a recovered people-pleaser/low-risk-taker who transformed her life after the tragic loss of her dad to suicide when she was 25 years old. 

She turned her personal loss into a mission of authenticity and purpose, as she made a series of bold, unconventional moves in alignment with her soul: 

She called off a wedding to the "wrong" man, waited until 40 to marry the "right" man, quit a comfortable lucrative career that wasn't lighting her up, and became certified as a health/wellness/happiness/life transformation coach, so she could help others reach the other side of their dreams too. 

Sherri's coaching programs and services help women struggling with people-pleasing to develop the confidence to speak their truth and live life by their rules WITH GRACE.

Here's what happy clients are saying:
  • I didn't know how to stand up for myself. I was completely drained. Sherri helped me gain the courage to make some major changes in my life that I'd been scared to make for 7 years. I've learned how to make my inner wisdom the authority, and use the tools she gave me to communicate in a way that gets my needs met. I'm feeling more like myself. Thank you, Sherri!
  • I don’t know how you do it but you pose the perfect questions to think about. I’m already getting clearer on some things that I’ve definitely been “drifting” on. I’m going to save all these questions for future use. Thank you again! You’re amazing! 
  • Thank you Sherri for showing me so many things (and I mean so many things) in our sessions. Moving forward with much more strength and grace. What a blessing to work with you. I'm so grateful.  Sheila 
  • I love Sherri. She is smart, inspiring and is as vested in your goals as you are.  Theresa
  • Sherri is an amazing bright light. I trust her completely. She truly lives what she is teaching. She has brightened my day with every interaction. Thank you Sherri for your gifts! I highly recommend working with her. Danielle
  • My life is more free, more rich, and more joyful than ever before. My thinking has changed which has led to improvements at work and even with my marriage. This is just the start and Sherri's gentle yet inspiring approach is just what I need to live the best life I can.  Jessica 
  • Today I put another idea in my idea journal - a book of all the wonderful nuggets/sayings that Sherri manages to drop into every phone call that we have. There's always at least one that shifts my thinking. Grateful!  Patricia 

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